Helpsme completes performance coaching for global operations team

Helpsme completes performance coaching for global operations team

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frances Goodman, a high performance coaching specialist, facilitated an Operations Managers Summit in Frankfurt, for a global company.

Initially this involved a number of planning and coaching sessions with the Director of Operations to ensure that the programme was well balanced, that every session had a direct link to overall business objectives, working out the key messages the managers needed to take away with them, the values of the business and the team, outcomes for individuals and the team, and the actions and going forward.

It was important for the managers to learn about each other, learn from each other, and feel motivated by the vision and strategy going forward. In addition they needed to leave with a feeling of responsibility and a sense of a shared initiativeas a team.

Helpsme conducted personality profiling prior to the three day event which was attended by managers from Europe and Asia-Pacific. Feedback from excellent with the Director commenting: “I greatly apprecited your [Frances] performance in the Summit and found that it was instrumental the success of the event”.

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