Points to consider when upgrading or launching a new website

Points to consider when upgrading or launching a new website

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learn from Helpsme’s tips on the most important points to consider when upgrading or launching a new website.

Helpsme went through the process of building a new website from scratch. There is a whole raft of details to carefully think about. Below are just a few of the factors you need to consider when both re-designing and upgrading an existing site, or launching a completely new one. Every website project needs to start with a brief and time spent on research here will save you time and money at the end. It is useful to think about:

  1. Where you are today: your existing site, how many visitors you get, which areas are most commonly used
  2. The competition’s websites: it is always a good idea to look at and see whether there is anything that stands out
  3. Why are you re-designing or launching a website and what are you trying to achieve?
  4. A basic site architecture: this is really a map of the site and is important to get right at the start. Think about this carefully and ensure you can expand the menus in the future.
  5. How you want the menus to operate: do you want top or side menus, or a combination of both? Do you want the sub menus to expand underneath the title menus, or somewhere else?
  6. Colours and design: decide on the colours and fonts you would like to use. Have you got any images you need to have on the site?
  7. Content: what messages do you need to get across?
  8. Contact details – where you want your contact details (ie every page) or just one. Do you want downloadable details?
  9. Size: decide what size you would like the website, and how it will look on a screen. The easiest way to do this is find a site you like.
  10. Updating the website: how will the website be updated and by whom?
  11. Timetable for launch: when do you want the site to go live to the public, and how much time will you need for testing and approving it?
  12. Technical support: get input from your IT department to ensure that the technical aspects are compatible with the systems you run. Find out from them who will host and maintain the site, and what security you need.
  13. Legal: include any legal information that you need, ie privacy policies if you are collecting personal data, compliance to the DDA Act etc.
  14. Launch – how will you launch the site and inform clients, contacts and staff about it?

If you are considering either a new website or an upgrade and would like help, please contact us.
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Director, Helpsme
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